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Preferred Links - Education

  • St. Francis Xavier University Nova Scotia Flag
    A liberal arts institution located in Antigonish, a northeastern Nova Scotia seaside town with a population of 6,000. In 1959, the University established the worldwide known Coady International Institute focusing its' global attention on the plight of newly-emerging nations. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and has its own unique charm.

  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Nova Scotia Flag
    Established in 1887, Canada's oldest independent cultural institutions, a national centre of excellence dedicated to the visual arts. NSCAD occupies an entire block of 19th-century buildings in the Historic Properties development in the waterfront section of Halifax. Be sure to explore the links page which reflect the creativity and diversity of their students.

  • Acadia University Nova Scotia Flag
    One of Canada's leading primarily undergraduate universities, Acadia University is the university of choice for 3,500 full-time students from across Canada and beyond. A tradition of innovation is reflected in The Acadia Advantage, an academic initiative which integrates the use of notebook computers into the undergraduate curriculum. Acadia University is located in the quaint picturesque town of Wolfville, an area of the province rich with French Acadian Culture.